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Duterte pissed off at private jets congesting NAIA

By Genalyn D. Kabiling

In a bid to reduce air traffic congestion at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, President Duterte is planning to “bulldoze” private jets parked at the airport hangars.

The President said the removal of the private jets owned by the rich would create extra space for the commercial flight operations in the airport.

“Kayong mga mayaman, you better be prepared,” Duterte said in his remarks at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 before flying to India for an official visit last Wednesday.

“Sabihin ng mga manager dito even a clerk of the airport would say that it’s about time that we use that goddam space there. Bubulldozin ko kayong lahat. Wala man akong pakialam,” he added.

The President said the private jets were the reason the government could not extend the airport runway. “Itong mga mayaman dito, ito dito, itong hangar dito puro private jets ‘yan. Ang may-ari niyan, mga mayaman. Every company of whatever. May mga jet ‘yan,” he said.

“Kaya hindi maimprove-improve ‘yung p**…Kaya hindi tayo maka-extend ng runway, paano puro mayaman,” he added.

Duterte resented that rich people don’t lend their jets. He recalled the emergency situation when the airplane he rode got stuck on the runway after a minor explosion. “So what do I care? I paid for my expenses,” he said.

The President renewed his resolve to run after the wealthy who evaded tax payments for years “using the influence and money.”

“Basta lahat magbayad ngayon. Lahat,” he said.