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No sparks flying between Mikoy, Mikee

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By Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: “Pretty much all the honest truth telling in the world is done by children.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

BROTHER AND SISTER: No sparks can ever fly between them in a new TV series that opened recently on GMA.

‘How can that happen,’ Mikoy Morales asked, ‘we play fraternal twins in the story.’

The Protégée finalist is referring to costar Mikee Quintos, his partner in crime in Sirkus, set in the colorful, wonderful world of circus men and women.

Mikoy and Mikee land their very first lead role in a series via Sirkus, produced – surprisingly – by GMA News and Public Affairs Department.

Mikoy was a finalist in the reality TV show Protégé: The Battle for The Big Artista Break.

Mikee won as the Best New Female TV Personality at the 2017 Star Awards for TV. She is best known for her role as Lira in the telefantasya series Encantadia. Hers is the voice behind Siri, the dog, in new GMA series, Sherlock Jr.

GMA News official Nessa Valdellon has explained that producing Sirkus is part of the department’s objective to widen, explore other avenues for growth.


Sirkus is a family-oriented program about fraternal twins Mia and Miko who find themselves in the company of a travelling circus called Sirkus Salamanca after trying to escape from the hands of an evil villainess. On the road, the twins will discover secrets about their new-found family as well as their own identities.

After their parents mysteriously disappear, Mia and Miko will have to rely on the protection of a rag-tag group of circus performers that include a magician, a fire-breather, an acrobat, a strongman, and a clairvoyant.

In the middle of this cat-and-mouse chase, the circus becomes key to revealing the truth about the siblings’ identity. They will eventually learn the reason behind the villainess’ obsession to catch them.

Sirkus also stars Andre Paras, Chariz Solomon, Sef Cadayona, and Klea Pineda. They all play characters from a travelling circus act.

Veteran actor Gardo Versoza plays Leviticus – the leader of Sirkus Salamanca while Cherie Gil is the cold-hearted and vengeful La Ora. Her presence initially intimidated Mikoy and Mikee, but in time, they relaxed as they did scenes with her.

At the helm of this magical series is internationally-awarded writer-director Zig Dulay.

Sirkus airs every Sunday on GMA-7.

TRENDING ON TWITTER: On its first two weeks, Sirkus posted winning numbers over competition and was also one of the top-trending topics on Twitter.

The amusing banter between La Ora (played by Cherie Gil) and her minions has also won the hearts of viewers.

This Sunday (Feb. 4), Mia and Mikoy’s magical journey continues. After narrowly escaping La Ora and her minions, Sirkus Salamanca makes its way to Playa, a beautiful seaside town. Master Leviticus (Gardo Versoza) has decided it’s time for the team to take a break.