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Movie musicals one after another

By Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: “The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” – Lucille Ball

‘HIMALA’ ON STAGE IS BACK: Back on stage is “Larawan” actor Sandino Martin, cast in one of key roles in a restaging of “Himala.”

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PETA’s acclaimed musical based on the landmark 80s film directed by Ishmael Bernal and starring Nora Aunor will be staged in February at the Circuit in Makati. Twenty-six year old Sandino is also playing a substantial role in TV series “Blood Sisters,” starring Erich Gonzales.

Speaking of movie musicals, MMFF gem “Larawan” has been followed by another musical, “Changing Partners,” starring Agot Isidro and Sandino Martin in key roles.

“Partners” was one of the finalists in the 2017 Cinema One filmfest. It won most of the major awards in the festival.

The film is now showing.

BAKWIT NEXT: Close on its heels is another movie musical opening soon, “Bakwit.” Produced by T-Rex Entertainment Production, “Bakwit” tells the story of a band of disaster evacuees who turn to music to heal themselves.

Newcomer Vanz Larena, a theater-trained actor, leads the cast of “Bakwit.” T-Rex produced the critically acclaimed “Deadma Walking” in MMFF 2017.

OUTLANDISH COSTUMES: Cherie Gil’s colorful, outlandish costumes in TV series “Sirkus” are recent creations of noted designer make-up artist Fanny Serrano. They remind us of Glenn Close’s ga fashion style in “101 Dalmatians.” Even Cherie’s attack on her role as a witch is reminiscent of Glenn’s acting.

SHE ALMOST BURNED HER FACE: Speaking of “Sirkus,” up and coming actress Klea Pineda says she almost burned her face while doing a scene. Klea plays fire woman in the series set in a circus.

PASSERBY: Noticed how the streets of Metro Manila have somehow cleared when government imposed the ban on public utility vehicles that are either dilapidated or are known smoke-belchers? Passerby’s daily commute from Quezon City to Manila has somewhat eased up due to the absence of affected jeepneys and buses whose operators are said to be fearful of being apprehended by authorities on the road. When caught, they stand to lose their franchise, their vehicles impounded. Alas, government has found an efficient way to help solve the traffic problem in MM. The campaign against run-down vehicles and illegally run PUV’s (colorum) should be continued, never to stop, until our streets are rid of them completely. (Excerpt from my PASSERBY series on my Facebook account).