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Cops say ‘Tae’, pal may have been wounded


One of two suspects in the killing of a deputy police chief in Cainta may have been wounded in an encounter.

Rizal Police Provincial Office (PPO) provincial director Superintendent Raynold Rosero said it was likely that either 38-year-old suspect Robin Gomez, alias Ruben Tae or a certain “Ekis” ended up with gunshot wounds based on accounts of witnesses.

“It was found out through witnesses that (the) suspect sustained gunshot wounds and was seen being carried on board a vehicle,” part of a progress report signed by Rosero read.

However, it was not clear who between Gomez and Ekis was wounded, and what type of vehicle was used by the suspects in their escape.

Police investigators said they have already coordinated with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to verify the registered owner of the car which plate number was MN 2578.

Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa immediately ordered the arrest of Gomez and the unidentified suspect, both responsible in the killing of Senior Insp. Jimmy Senosin who was with three other policemen who confronted the suspects patrolling the streets with a caliber .45 pistol and sub-machine gun tucked on their waists.

The moment they saw the policemen, the suspects allegedly lobbed a hand grenade and opened fire.

Fortunately, the grenade did not explode, but the officers found Senosin down with a head wound, according to PNP spokesman Chief Supt. John Bulalacao said.

The policemen gave chase and called for backup to bring the wounded deputy chief to the hospital.

The cops followed the suspects to a house where they stumbled into two other drug suspects repacking suspected shabu in the second floor.

Police identified the couple as Ronaldo Idolog, 44, and Josephine Lachica, 29. It wasn’t clear if all four suspects are connected to the illegal drug business.

Senosin was rushed to the Pasig City General Hospital where he died around 2 a.m. yesterday while undergoing treatment.

Meantime, only good memories were left in the mind of one of the best pals of Senosin, Nico Nicodemus, who said that he and fallen cop were batchmates in the Public Safety Basic Recruit Course (PSBRC) Class 99 in Region 4A way back in 2011.

“It was during our training days, our battalion assignments where I got to know him. In our operations he always wanted to be in the front. During operations, he seemed to have an iron heart because of his bravery, you can really depend on him,” said Nicodemus.

It was learned that the Rizal Provincial Police Office will recommend the conferment of a posthumous award to the slain deputy chief.

“He will be missed. In fact, those kind of operations, oftentimes only the PNCOs are responding. But he’s different. Even if he is an official, you see, he was there,” added Nicodemus.