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Sharon’s four great loves

By Ronald Constantino

FOND OF – This columnist has always been fond of Sharon Cuneta, the Megastar, having known her since the early ‘80s.

For the past few years, we’ve lost touch, but the fondness remains… will always be there. A sentiment shared with other entertainment writers like, among others, Nora Calderon, Jun Nardo, Ambet Nabus, ,Baby Gil, Ricky Calderon.

Sharon and Maricel Soriano are last of the movie queens, circa the ‘80s, as after them there were (are) only multi-media stars.

4 GREAT LOVES – Sharon’s lovelife is current topic, triggered by the well received fast-food TV commercial, where she shared “top billing” with ex-husband and former leading man Gabby Concepcion. They have a lovely daughter, KC (Kristina Cassandra).

This columnist believes that Gabby is one of four great loves of the Megastar. Her first true love.

After Gabby comes Robin Padilla, Richard Gomez, and her husband Sen. Francis Pangilinan, father of their three children : Frankie, Miel, and Miguel.

As to who is her greatest love, that is for Sharon to answer…if she so desires.

She was also romantically linked to Rowell Santiago, Tonton Gutierrez, Charlie Cojuangco and a non-showbiz guy whose name escapes this columnist. Not to forget Albert Martinez, an early teenage crush, a puppy love.

LEADING MEN – Sharon’s leading men were, aside from those already mentioned, FPJ, Christopher de Leon, Rudy Fernandez, Bong Revilla, Cesar Montano, Aga Muhlach, Ariel Rivera.

She mourned deeply the deaths of FPJ and Rudy.

Her starrer opposite Christopher, “Madrasta,” gave Sharon a grandslam for best actress ( Urian, FAMAS, Luna, and Star).