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GMA unveils ‘advoca-serye’

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By Ronald Constantino

LEADING THE WAY – When it comes to tackling timely and relevant issues, trust GMA to lead the way. Adultery, breakthroughs in medicine, homosexuality, lesbianism, mental disorder, heroism, history.

Now GMA unveils an ‘advoca-serye” via the afternoon soap “Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka.” It tackles one of the most serious and fatal diseases in the world, including the Philippines, HIV (Human Immune-deficiency Virus).

The lead actors are Yasmien Kurdi, Martin del Rosario, Jackie Rice, and Mike Tan.

The soap premieres on Feb. 26.
PLOT – Let’s focus on the plot of “Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan ka.”

Yasmien breathes life to Thea Balagtas, a simple provincial girl with a promising career as a public accountant. She falls in love with Marco and marries him. Eventually, they are blessed with fraternal twins whom they love very much.

Martin is Lawrence de Leon, Thea’s college friend from a well-off family. Secretly, he is in love with her even though he dates a lot of women and develops HIV (Human Immune-deficiency Virus) from this.

Jackie is Ava Imperial, Marco’s beautiful and socialite ex-girlfriend. She shuffles to and from the United States for pleasure and business. Even though she flirts around, she is still bent on settling with Marco.

Mike is Marco Angeles, a handsome and charming lad who falls inlove with Thea and marries her despite his mother’s refusal. He remains independent and grounded even though he was born rich.

“Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan ka” follows the life of Thea who, after marrying Marco and raising their fraternal twins together, her blissful life shatters when she tests positive for HIV. Without knowing who she got it from, Marco is led to believe that she cheated on him and files for legal separation, taking their kids with him.

ARTIST ALL – Joining them in this ground-breaking project are multi-talented and versatile artists:

Award-winning actress and TV director Gina Alajar as Adelaida Angeles, Marco’s elitist and territorial mother.

Shamaine Buencamino as Magda Balagtas, Thea’s superstitious mother who will fight with her through and through.

Charee Pineda as Anna Balagtas, Thea’s older sister who deeply cares for her mother and sibling.

Ina Feleo as Sofia Angeles, Marco’s older and principled sister who is a doting aunt to the twins.

The series aims to raise HIV awareness and educate viewers on its effect upon a person’s life.
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