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PH living in dangerous times, President warns

Warning that the country lives in dangerous times, President Duterte has ordered government security forces to keep their guns cocked and locked against the enemies of the State.

The President said both the military and police must remain on guard and weapons ready as they confront the challenging task of dealing with criminality, illegal drugs, and terrorism.

“Bantay ka talaga. Naka-trigger ka palagi, ngayon naka-trigger ka talaga. Cocked and locked ka. Sabihin ko sa mga sundalo huwag ‘yung magluhod-luhod ka pa but be careful sa procedure,” he said during a recent police shootfest in Davao City.

“Those are the things that you have to remember. We live in dangerous times – more dangerous than the – because we have so many fronts to confront. We are confronting the NPAs, we are confronting the terrorists, meron pang droga. May mga organization pa na backup sila,” he added.

Duterte acknowledged that terrorism would stay for quite a time but he vowed there would be no retreat in the government’s battle against such menace.

“I predict that it would not go out of this planet within the next five to 10 maybe seven years,” he said. “Isang kalaban natin ‘yan. Iyan talaga bakbakan ‘yan. At walang atrasan diyan.”

As the government works to keep peace and order, Duterte also directed the police, military, and other law enforcement agencies to work towards interoperability in their operations, professional training, and capability development.

He said a coordinated approach at law enforcement would ensure the success of their missions and minimize government and civilian casualties in the operations. (Genalyn D. Kabiling)