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New Zealand no longer snake-free

By Kim Atienza

MAY kasabihan. Tumutubo raw ang ahas kahit saan. Tandaan. May ahas na may dalawang paa!

Eh, sa New Zealand kaya? Bansang dating kilala bilang snake-free?

According to my data source, New Zealand’s centuries-old reputation as a snake-free country has ended years ago. One of the first reports about the disclosures of snakes in New Zealand happened on 1990. In a news report by Investigate Magazine in New Zealand.

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Bob Radley, an owner of gold prospecting company Grey Valley with his geologist son encountered snakes on the rugged West Coast of the South Island. The two reported their discovery to their colleagues and found out that it was also discovered by “three others.” Radley identified the snake as Victorian Copperhead that can grow to more than a meter.

Despite suspicions that the said snake could be an eel, Radley said that it was really a snake.

Meanwhile, one of the senior quarantine inspectors for the Ministry for Primary Industries in New Zealand has been a snake handler for 12 years. Andrew Collins is a handler in a country without snakes.

The continuous discoveries of snakes living in New Zealand has proven the inevitable snake invasion there.

The island’s unique snake-free status seems to have ended.

Several other large islands such as Greenland, Iceland, and New Zealand have dearth of snakes because of their rising waters that kept away snakes.

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