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Fake orgasm, uso rin sa isda

By Kim Atienza

EVER fake an orgasm?

Humans do it, especially, according to my sources, women. Hindi ako may sabi n’yan, ha, take note. Women who pretend they are pleasing their men by doing so.

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In a report by CBC News, Swedish scientists found out that a female brown trout fakes orgasms in about half of their spawnings to encourage males to ejaculate prematurely.

Erik Peterrson of Sweden’s National Board of Fisheries said that 69 out of 117 of its spawnings were false orgasms.

In a normal spawning, the female digs a gravel pit for eggs so when she prepares to mate, she crouches down to protect the nest, opens her mouth and starts to shudder intensely. Then, the male will swim alongside the female and will start to open its mouth and shudder as well.

After a few seconds, the female will release an egg and the male will fertilize it.

But according to researchers, the female sometimes fakes it and doesn’t release her egg. By doing so, the female devices the male to think he’s mated successfully when in fact he failed.

When a female thinks that the male is in the wrong timing and position, she stops immediately and digs deeper to prepare for another mating in the next 30 minutes.

Peterrson said that in order to have a very high fertilization rate, the sperm has to be directly over the egg.

However, in 1954 scientists also found out the same bizarre thing about Atlantic salmon. It seemed like this behavior is common among all salmons.

This manner may not be too odd for humans, but for a fish having orgasm and faking it is definitely something that should rank on top of strange animal behaviors.

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