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Heightened spiritual warfare

by Erik Espina

HINTING of end times is validated in mankind’s heightened immorality, corruption, and unbelief over the existence of God. This is clearly indicated in the verses and predictions of the Holy Bible.

Spiritual warfare is real, as evil continuous roaring as a lion devouring mankind in sin for the impending judgment. The devil having been banished from heaven, intends to wreak havoc, with confusion, trickery, seduction, anger, jealousy, materialism, etc. luring humanity to sin against the Fatherly Creator to pocket as many souls in their eternal damnation.
In the US, “Satanism” is a recognized religion. Witchcraft in its modern forms of sorcery, and adjunct abominations to supplant trusting in payer and God almighty, is practiced in tarot cards, Feng Shui, Ouija boards, talisman or ‘anting-anting’, conducting forbidden rituals etc. as manifestations of man’s increasing doubt and disobedience to his Maker.

There are, scientific and academic atheists who advocates of the non-existence of an Eternal Being, arguing from the point of evolution to naturalism as the law of order on earth and the universe. The agnostics who are relatives of intellectuals skeptical over the veracity of God, Bible History and the birth of a Savior, Jesus Christ.

Here in the Philippines, the battle for the conscience and our soul has escalated. This is based not only on our inclination to consult fortune-tellers for serious or playful intents to see the future, including combining cultural pagan practices with Christian faith. Not to be taken lightly is the notable spike in sightings of elementals, kapres, dwendes, wandering spirits, of black birds, old ladies, and red eyes. And how their presence in our homes, compounds, buildings etc. causes sickness, serious diseases, devil possession, to even death of a love one, unless spiritual intervention is performed by a priest who has the charism and authority to practice deliverance and exorcism. Confession, communion, and prayer is the best defense for body and spirit.