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QC folks told to check expiry dates of products

With food products bountiful in stalls and markets this summer months, Quezon City authorities begged the public to carefully scrutinize, examine, check and inspect their expiry dates to ensure the safety of their families.

In a meeting, councilors Victor Ferrer Jr., Eufemio Lagumbay and Ranulfo Ludovica issued the caution as stalls, kiosks and other retail and wholesale stores in the city are bursting with food items that the public may purchase and bring to their vacation destinations.

They noted that in order to gain valuable discounts local buyers are scouring food outlets in a bid to buy as much grocery items and other foodstuffs this season.

Ferrer said he sees nothing wrong with the advance purchase but warned the buyers should not to be swayed in buying expired canned goods, processed meat products and similar items served during the holidays as this would put the health of their families and guests at great risk.

He asked the public to obtain their grocery items and food products at reputable supermarkets, groceries and wet markets to ensure that they are safe for consumption. (Chito A. Chavez)