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Pinoy celebrities at welcome dinner

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By Ronald Constantino

ANAHEIM VISIT – The April weather was perfect – cool and breezy – the more than one week dear friend Aster Amoyo and I spent in Anaheim, California, one of the many cities surrounding Los Angeles. We came to visit Tito Al Chu and his family, wife Elizabeth and children Albert and Kimberly and sister Mariquita. As always Tito Al was the host with the most.

Tito Al’s beautiful home was abloom with giant roses of varied hues – white, yellow, pink, red, orange, violet. The mango tree was full of flowers (to be harvested in September). Ripe were grapefruits, lemons, nectarines, and even kalamansi. In a few weeks, guava and persimon and avocado and cherry trees will start bearing fruits.

By the way, in between the rose bushes were tomato vines heavy with small fruits.

Tito Al doesn’t use chemical fertilizer. All are organic.

WELCOME DINNER – On our second night in Anaheim, Tito Al hosted a welcome dinner for Aster and I.

The guest list included California-based Pinoy celebrities.

Former Abante editor (now based in San Diego) Roger Parajes came with Nancy Ignacio and Stella Suarez and her two towering grandsons. Stella was sex symbol of the ‘60s and, needless to say, the mother of Richard Gomez. Roger is affiliated with the Filipino American Press Club of California.

Lew Soratorio and wife Amalia Braza. Lew turned nostalgic when he remembered his El Bogedon days, owned by the late Joey Bailey Cruz. Walter Navarro, Didith Reyes, Rodel Naval – all gone now – started their singing careers at El Bogedon. But still around are Aris Dimavivas and Tirso Cruz III. Amalia was Tower’s build-up star in the ‘70s. Their family runs several facilities for the old and the sick.

Anjanette Abayari came with her two sons and a niece. Proud Mama asked the boys to sing for the welcome-dinner guests.

Remember Edgar Mande, matinee idol (and sex symbol) of the ‘80s? He remains good looking to date and might just stage a showbiz comeback.

Anjanette and Edgar are into a care-giving business.

(More celebrities who attended Tito Al’s welcome dinner for us in Highspeed tomorrow.)