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Climbing the stairs good for you

By Kim Atienza

MAG-HAGDAN o sumakay sa elevator?

This is the question that most people ask when faced with certain options. Sadly, people usually choose the later.

People usually take the elevator whenever possible and fail to see the multiple benefits that the stairs have to offer.


Taking the stairs is a free form of workout for those who don’t want to buy threadmills or stationary bikes.

According to an article published on Fitday.com, taking the stairs lowers bad cholesterol levels and raises the good cholesterol. It also relieves tension and stress that affects the heart.

Also, taking the stairs impacts the knees relatively lower than running and cycling, this according to Liz Robbins in an article titled “Great Workout, Forget the view.”

She mentions climbing the stairs impact the knees with the pressure of twice the person’s body weight compared to running which pressures the knees with four times the person’s body weight.

Climbing the stairs is so beneficial that it even prompted the creation of the StairMaster, a threadmill like flight of stairs used as exercise equipment.

Climbing the stairs is so beneficial the only excuse left for not using the stairs is that the elevator saves more time. Fortunately, even that excuse seems to have been cleared because according to an article by Amy Norton, titled “Stairs get you there faster than the elevator, Doctor study finds,” stairs were found to be more efficient than elevators because there is no waiting-time.

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