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Most expensive action figure

By Kim Atienza

Summer na. Panahon ng bakasyon. Anong gagawin ng mga bata?

Our Sunday TV show Matanglawin kicked of the new year with an episode featuring the creative and genius Filipinos.

We featured a super realistic toy collection, a flying car and mini sneakers.

Don Ortigas, a comic book geek turned movie fan has shown interest in toy photography and collection. In 2012, he opened his toy museum S2 Toys and Collectibles which boasts his 400 movie inspired toys which are mostly Marvel and DC inspired.

GI Joe copy copy

Most of his toy collections are from Hong Kong, USA, Singapore and Korea which are pre-ordered and limited edition.

Obviously, happiness doesn’t come cheap with the action figures costing Php10,000-20,000 each.

The most expensive action figure in the world even costs $200,000 or Php 10,000,000. This was a G.I. Joe Prototype made by Don Levine. However for Dio Ortigas, it doesn’t matter how expensive these are as long as they make him happy.

MORE USEFUL TIPS FROM THE BOOK, LIVING WITH FOLK WISDOM, by Abercio V. Rotor, Ph.D.): Salt is added to ice to lower temperature and keep coolness longer. This is a common practice in the provinces where refrigeration is not available.

Observe how local ice cream is made, and how fish, meat and other products keep longer in the ice boxes by adding salt and ice. The principle is that water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius. With salt, the temperature drops below zero because the saltwater has higher latent heat than fresh water. It means that it requires lower temperature in order to separate the salt compound from water.

On the other hand, salt absorbs more heat than water and other substances and materials.

If you happen to touch a hot object, immediately press your affected fingers on your ear lobes. By so doing, you transfer the heat and get refreshed. The ear lobe is usually cooler than any part of the body. The earlobe is also less sensitive because it has fewer nerves and blood vessels – which explains the universal practice of earlobe piercings and wearing of earrings.

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