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Flying car, sanrekwang sneakers

Kyxz-Mendoza copy

By Kim Atienza

ARECENT episode on our Sunday TV show, “Matanglawin,” featured the brilliant mind of Kyxz Mendiola who invented a flying car called “Gravity X.” Gravity X has 12 propellers and 16 Li-Po batteries which is controlled using a joystick.

It also has a GPS and stabilizer. It can go from 65 to 70km per hour and can be maneuvered as of now for 15 minutes.

Kyxz first started experimenting with drones to observe how it works until he did a test run for Gravity X in July 2017.

Kyxz’ background may be filmmaking and dancing only, but that doesn’t limit him to vision out Gravity X as the transportation of the future. He considers it safe, reliable, and eco-friendly.

In another segment, we took note of how Filipinos can be so creative. Shoe collector Yux Torre is one of them.
Yux’s shoe aren’t ordinary shoes. They are miniature sneakers made by Yux herself.

Yux started making mini-sneakers back in 2010. It all started when she was fascinated to buy a pair of shoes but her size was unfortunately unavailable. She then thought of making a pair of her own but a smaller version of it instead.

As of now, she already owns 5,000 pairs of mini sneakers.

It usually takes her about 20 minutes to make a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1. However, it took her five hours to make her Nike Air Jordan 4 because of its details.

Though Yux has been a collector of mini-sneakers, Jordy Geller from USA holds the most number of sneakers with 2,388 pairs which are all brand new.

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