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Matteo, Shaina: Take one on pre-marital sex

By Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: “The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing.” – Socrates

PRE-MARITAL SEX BA: Are today’s young people, the so-called millennials, active in pre-marital sex?

The question was posed by colleague Jerry Olea at the media conference of Single/Single, where the lead character, played by Shaina Magdayao, becomes an unwed mother.

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The character also happens to share a condo unit with a man (Matteo Guidicelli), who, it turns out, is not the father of her baby. Complicated, ano?

But then, don’t we always see this social status, complicated, in millennials’ social media posts these days?

The actors on the panel, including Ana Luna and Brian Sy, wouldn’t make a categorical admission or denial of the issue. Most answered from the platform of the character they play in the film.

Shaina, however, said that in the event that she’d become pregnant out of wedlock, she would welcome the child as a blessing. The same opinion was shared by her leading man, Matteo.

Matteo and Shaina have been partners in the original Single/Single, formerly a TV series on Cinema One. The series ran for two seasons with successful results, according to Philippine Star, co producer.

CONTINUING THE PLOT: The movie version, says director Pablo Biglang-awa, opens where the TV series left off. It is not to be confused with being a compilation of past episodes all rolled into one neat package. Far from it, he swore.

This time, the relationship between Joee (Shaina) and (Joey( Matteo) moves up to the next level. They’re no longer just ordinary flatmates, but are now involved lovers. But then, Joee is about to give birth.

And Joey isn’t the father.

The movie also stars Cherie Gil, Ricky Davao and JC Santos.