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Reds to expand guerrilla zones

By Danny J. Estacio

LUCENA CITY, Quezon – The National Democratic Front (NDF) and the Lucio de Guzman Command of the New People’s Army (LDG-NPA) in Mindoro disclosed they are going to expand guerrilla zones in an effort to fortify their bases.

Ma. Patricia Andal, spokesperson of NDF-Mindoro and Madaay Gasic, spokesperson of NPA-Mindoro in a joint statement explained this is because more and more Mindoreños have been joining the NPA due to their continued frustration with the government.

“Thousands more are organizing themselves in various revolutionary underground organizations in rural areas and urban centers in the island while bureaucratic corruption and bankruptcies fail to improve quality of life”, they added.

As to the upcoming SK and barangay elections, Andal and Gasic stressed everyone should exhaust all efforts to assert for a clean and honest election.

“They should uncompromisingly fight various forms of election fraud and violence…(they) should thwart all dirty maneuvers and political chicanery of the most reactionary and most corrupt enemies of the people vying for positions at the local level,” they added.