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Make mothers happy today

By Marilyn C. Arayata

They are the first to notice if a hairstyle does not look good or if a certain style of clothing does not suit us.

They know if we are having a bad day even if we don’t say a word. They ask us questions we do not like – and it sometimes takes us years to realize that they have a point, after all. Indeed, our mothers know best.

How can we imagine that something – good or bad – can escape our mothers? They make it a point that we see the truth, even if it hurts, because they truly care about our welfare and happiness.

While their children are busy with their careers and meeting the demands of raising their own families, the mothers sometimes fall behind in the list of priorities. Still, they try to understand and they are there to give their undying support. A mother’s love never ceases to amaze me for being incomparable and selfless.

Many of the world’s loving and selfless mothers are never shown appreciation while they are still alive. As someone said, the children are busy growing up that they forget their mothers are growing old. If you still have a mother, what will make her feel truly loved and appreciated today? What can you do to at least make her smile?

To all mothers, especially OFWs, single mothers, sick mothers, mothers who have a disability, widows, mothers whose children are in conflict with the law, mothers whose sacrifices are unappreciated for so long: be strong in the Lord who sees your tears and your sacrifices.

To all happy mothers: stay happy. May you remember the plight of those who are not as lucky. Here’s hoping you will do something to make the suffering and “forsaken” mothers smile. Spread good vibes and make mothers happy today.

Happy Mother’s Day!

* * *

Happy Mother’s Day to my loving mother, Estela Arayata!

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