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Stay clean, JM

By Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: “Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.” – Oscar Wilde

ADVICE TO JM DE GUZMAN: Life is not always about second chances. In the case of JM de Guzman, a third or even a fourth chance can’t be too far behind. That’s something the once beleaguered young actor must consider as a great blessing from God.

jm de guzman

Such is what happens to the once sidelined actor, who makes another TV comeback by way of the afternoon drama series, “Araw Gabi.” The soap premiered April 30 on ABS-CBN.

JM had to go on leave from showbiz work for another year spent in rehab. He openly admitted it was his second time in the facility.

The UP-trained, award-winning actor also said he’s still undergoing maintenance rehab, although doctors have cleared him for work.

He expressed gratitude to ABS-CBN for standing by him and giving him an assignment, a meaty one at that, as soon as network was informed he was ready to face the cameras again.

The new JM is more mature in appearance, countenance and attitude. He plunged right deep into his lead character in “Araw…” like an artist starved till he was allowed to paint again.

The same intensity is observed in JM’s acting in just the same way he won viewers’ hearts not just with his good looks but more so, for his innate skills as an actor.

No wonder ABS-CBN continues to have faith in him. Now, it is time JM returned the favor by upgrading his faith in himself and in God.

Stay clean from here on, JM.

MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE: “Araw Gabi” marks the return to TV after nine years of a popular series under the banner of “Precious Hearts Romances.”

This time, the Filipino romance novel series unveils yet another story full of love, mystery, and suspense.

In it, Barbie Imperial plays Michelle. Despite hardships in life, she always sees the good in every situation.

Adrian’s (JM) life is full of darkness. The head of a vacation spot in the island, he is considered a beast by his staff, an outcast in his hometown.

Michelle sets foot on the island. She uncovers Adrian’s life and the mystery behind the lighthouse that recurs in her dreams.

HOT SCENES: “Araw Gabi” also features Vina Morales, Rita Avila and Ara Mina in parental roles, as well as Raymond Bagatsing, RK Bagatsing, Jane Oineza, Arlene Muhlach.

We caught a hot scene recently, wherein Vina makes out with Victor Silayan. We thought it was rather risqué for Vina, who was built up in sweet, pleasant roles.

DESTINATION, LOBO BATANGAS: The beautiful scenery captured scene by scene in “Araw Gabi” is provided by Lobo, Batangas. Lobo’s beaches remain virginal, unspoiled by commercialization.

While we recommend it strongly to be the next hottest tourist destination in Batangas after Laiya in San Juan town, we also hope and pray Lobo won’t go the way of places like Boracay.