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Be proactive

By Chinkee Tan

FOR a good minute or two, I would like to ask you to look around and see if you can identify some unfinished work in your surroundings. It could be that road construction fronting your office, or perhaps that pile of paperwork that has been lying on your desk for days now, or that checklist on your journal that never seemed to get accomplished.

One thing I cannot stand is not being proactive. For some reason, procrastination has become a disease that has infected most of the world’s population.

I can recall a few years back when I visited Davao. Dr. Richard Mata informed me that we are going to have an opportunity to meet President Duterte who happens to be the mayor back then.

He called Mr. Bong Go who is the personal assistant of the good mayor. Within a few minutes, he called back and told us to meet Duterte at the 911 Emergency Station. I was surprised with the swift action and response we received.

Now I know the reason why President Duterte chose Bong Go to be his special assistant not because he can only be trusted but he is a man of action.

This is my actual encounter when I was there, he made the meeting happened.

Allow me to share with you three identified reasons why we should also choose to be proactive that can impact our personal and business lives:

You save time
When you do things proactively and just do what needs to be done, you save time. Yes, that’s quite an obvious fact, but here’s the catch: Getting yourself more time means having more opportunity to do other important things such as making time for family and even rest.

How many of you know that God has equally gifted each one of us just 24 hours a day? When you proactively do your chores and get things done, you correspondingly show God that you are grateful for the time He has given and that you are using it wisely. Remember, even time is a commodity.

You are more productive
Have you ever spent an entire day just lying in bed and literally watching time fly? At the end of that lazy day, you had zero accomplishment. Sad story. Admit it, you want to be productive and you love the sense of fulfillment after completing a task!

That is because when you accomplish your to-do’s, you realize that you are capable and that you’ve made good use of your time. Productivity would always equal fulfillment. And achieving productivity requires you to be proactive and just to get things done.
You earn more money.

Ask a business person and he would always tell you that time equals money. Why do you think most business people consider traffic or flight delays as hindrances to business? It’s because, time equals money.

When you are proactively accomplishing things, you make more room and opportunities to earn money. So is it safe to say that part of the equation of earning more money involve being proactive and getting things done? A big yes!


Are you also proactive and can’t wait to get things done? If not, what is holding you back to be one?

“If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” – Ecclesiastes 11:4

like work but more like doing something we love. Let us also consider what would best generate a considerable amount of income in a reasonable amount of time.


Finding the right investment can multiply our money exponentially. Investing, however, is more than just putting your money somewhere where it has the potential to grow. It entails careful study and a keen understanding of what we are getting ourselves into.


Leveraging our money can mean suing borrowed money in order to increase a return on investment. This is not something that we should go into blindly. We need to be able to consult the right people, seek the advise of financially stable and successful people we know and choose that which we will feel comfortable with.


If you are not familiar with my suggestion at 1,2 and 3. The most safest and logical way is to invest in property and have it leased out. You can never go wrong with property since it helps you to generate residual income plus the value of the land appreciate through time.


What kind of business do you want to go into?

Are you equipped with the right tools to go into this business?

How will this business contribute to your financial stability?

Money that does not produce more wealth is not a guarantee of success