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Fury wins comeback fight

Sefer Seferi, right, blocks a punch by Britain's Tyson Fury  (Nick Potts/ PA via AP)

Sefer Seferi, right, blocks a punch by Britain’s Tyson Fury (Nick Potts/ PA via AP)

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom (AFP) – Former world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury declared himself completely happy with his four-round comeback win on Saturday night, despite a lack of action.

Fury only got going in the fourth round and his brief exhibition of power convinced Sefer Seferi’s corner to pull out the Switzerland-based Albanian before the start of the fifth round.

Fury, 29, did not take his task totally seriously early on and was told off by referee Phil Edwards for playing to the crowd, but the English boxer was pleased it was not a short fight after two years and seven months out of action.

‘‘He didn’t come to fight, he came to run around the ring,’’ Fury told a press conference. The opponent was small and light. But he took me a few rounds, which I was happy with.

‘‘I wouldn’t change a thing, and we move on to the next one. I will go back home and have pizza and then get back on it tomorrow.

‘‘I could have knocked him out in the first round but what good would that have done me? I got four rounds in and TV exposure.”

‘‘He took a couple of hard punches and didn’t want to know. I learned two and a half years is a long time to be out.”