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Duterte orders police to be strict vs loitering

By Genalyn D. Kabiling

Police should not only run after criminals but must also be strict towards potential troublemakers loitering on the streets, President Duterte said last Wednesday.

The President emphasized that the country’s roads are built for law-abiding citizens whose safety and well-being must be prioritized by the government.

“So my directive is ‘pag mag-istambay-istambay diyan sa, sabihin niyo, ‘Umuwi kayo. Kay ‘pag hindi kayo umuwi ihatid ko kayo doon sa opisina ni ano – Pasig,” Duterte said during the oath-taking of newly promoted police, jail, and fire officers in Malacañang.

“Be strict. Part of confronting people who do not do nothing and just idling around, they are potential trouble for the public,” he added.

The tough-talking President warned that he would personally deal with laggers who resist police orders to go home.

“Ako ng bahala. Ilagay mo lang diyan. Talian mo ‘yung kamay pati – ihulog ko ‘yan diyan,” said Duterte who resides in Malacañang which is beside Pasig River.

The President issued the directives as he admitted that there was still “much to do” in the crusade against illegal drugs, criminality, and corruption.

Duterte promised his full support to the police amid their efforts “in advancing the common good and promoting the safety and well-being of our people.”

“Do not be afraid to go after the criminals. You know, yung kalsada, ‘yung highways are – we built it for the law-abiding citizens. Ang mga criminal dapat diyan, ang mga durugista, they are not supposed to be there,” he said.

“You try to destroy my country and the young of this land, I will really kill you. Sabihin mo diyan sa mga durugista na ‘yan.”