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Kind-hearted Coco

By Ronald Constantino

‘ALUMNUS’ – Coco Martin knows how it is to struggle and survive in showbiz. He’s an “alumnus” of the University of Hard Knocks, which explains his being kind-hearted, generous to actors who are facing tough times, hardly getting by.

Coco Martin

He read or heard that comedienne Whitney Tyson was in dire need of a job. In no time, Whitney was cast in his ABS-CBN starrer, “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.”

In the past, Coco saw to it that idle stuntmen and bit players, even big names who need exposure, were accommodated in the action-drama soap. No need to mention names now, suffice it to say that because of “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” their careers got the much-needed shot in the arm.

‘LODI’ – How apt that Coco’s soap carries the name of his “lodi” (idol), Fernando Poe Jr., who was noted for his generosity. Much to Coco’s regret, he didn’t get the chance to meet FPJ in person. But then he became close to FPJ’s widow, Susan Roces, who plays his lola in the soap.

He’s also close to FPJ’s daughter Sen. Grace Poe.

“FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” ends in September after three years of lording the ratings, making Coco Martin the undisputed Primetime King.

DNA TEST – Years back, Coco was involved in a paternity issue. A starlet claimed the actor was the father of her newly-born daughter. Coco was hit left and right by critics for being a “negligent father.”

Coco opted to keep quiet and helped mother and daughter even if he was convinced he wasn’t the real father.

Two or three years ago, DNA test showed that Coco wasn’t the father. One time, the girl’s lola, with the child in tow, approached Coco for help. Coco gave the lola a very substantial amount for the girl’s upkeep and education …as if he was the girl’s real father.

Highspeed is writing about it for the first time as Coco didn’t want his generosity publicized.