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Another ‘sleeper’?

By Ronald Constantino

BIG HIT – In movie lingo, “sleeper” is a small film which unexpectedly turns out to be a big hit. Best example is last year’s “Kita Kita,” directed by Sigrid Bernardo and topbilled by Alexandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez, with Piolo Pascual and Joyce Bernal as producers. “Kita Kita” grossed over 300 million pesos.

Valeen Montenegro

A major studio refused to release “Kita Kita” thinking it was a sure flop. But Viva big Boss Vic del Rosario thought otherwise and agreed to release it, even agreeing to be a co-producer.

The plot is simple enough. Set in Japan, “Kita Kita” revolves around a blind girl (Alex) and a happy-go-lucky guy (Empoy) and how they find romance.

EXPECTATIONS – “The Write Moment” expects – hopes – to be another “Kita Kita,” without really aiming for that kind of big money. “The Write Moment” was shown last year in QCinema and remained “in the can” while waiting for commercial distribution.

Enter (again) boss Vic who agreed to release “The Write Moment,” pleasing and surprising no end writer-director Dominic Lim, stars Jerald Napoles and Valeen Montenegro, and IdeaFirst producers, the well-liked partners Perci Intalan and Jun Robles Lana.

Jerald and Valeen, the unlikely tandem of pretty girl and ordinary-looking guy, is some kind of love team on television, especially GMA’s “Sunday Pina-Saya,” now on its third year.

‘HUGOT FEELS’ – Inspired by direk Dominic’s real-life love story, “The Write Moment” tells of unexpected heartbreak, but still fight for the girl of his dream. Dominic feels people will relate to the film’s unorthodox “hugot lines” and laugh at the cheeky humor of the romcom.

Now, will “The Write Moment” be another “sleeper”?

“Judgement Day” is on Wednesday, June 27, when the film opens in theaters nationwide.

Hoping for the best.