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Grandslammers, too

By Ronald Constantino

‘SENIOR MOMENT’ – Knew all along that Sharon Cuneta and Piolo Pascual have won “grandslam” awards. Just like Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos, Lorna Tolentino, Elizabeth Oropesa, Nida Blanca, Glydel Mercado, and Ronaldo Valdez.

Piolo Pascual

But somehow forgot to include them in a previous column on grandslam actors. Must be “senior moment.”

‘MADRASTA’ – Sharon won four best actress awards for Olive Lamasan’s “Madrasta,” where she played stepmother, yes, “madrasta,” to the children of Christopher de Leon.

“Madrasta” remains to be one of Sharon’s memorable movies (but of course), along with Mark Meily’s “Crying Ladies,” Chito Roño’s “Caregiver,” and all those love dramas with Gabby Concepcion and Richard Gomez.

‘DEKADA’ – Piolo won four best supporting actor trophies for Chito Roño’s “Dekada” (not counting the one from the Metro Manila Film Festival, which isn’t included in the grandslam criterion).

In the movie, Piolo plays the activist son of Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon during the turbulent ‘70s. For “Dekada,” Papa P went totally nude…not in love or sex scenes though. He was tortured without any clothes on…the fate of many activists during the Martial Law years.

As earlier noted, grandslammers won four trophies for one movie: Star, Academy (Luna), FAMAS, and Urian. Lately though, Luna skips some awards rites. Another major award is Eddy from the Society of Philippine Entertainment Editors, only on its second year.