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NSNU says it’s not meddling in faculty grading

Rhayyan Amsali (FIBA.com photo)

Rhayyan Amsali (FIBA.com photo)

school management. “The management does not meddle with the faculty grading. We have not influenced nor intend to pressure as far as student grades are concerned.”

By Jerome Lagunzad

Contrary to earlier claims, Nazareth School of National University said it did not plan to hinder by any means the promising basketball career of top high school prospect Rhayyan Amsali who transferred to San Beda-Taytay last May.

In a statement released to media outlets recently, the NSNU school management said that it has informed the Amsalis, specifically Rhayyan’s mother Nurhaisa, as early as April 16 that the talented big man needed a remedial class to fix a failing academic mark as a Grade 10 student.

The younger Amsali filled out a SHS (Senior High School) remedial class application form but, according to the NSNU school management, “did not make any appearance,” causing him to sit out for another year instead of playing right away for the Red Cubs in this year’s NCAA Season 94 juniors basketball tourney.

“NU-Nazareth School offers a remedial program that helps underperforming students cope with the school’s academic standards,” said the school management, adding the Amsali matriarch signed and accepted his son’s report card last May 4.

Amsali’s mother sang a different tune in an online report that circulated last Wednesday quoting the family’s lawyer, Atty. Michelle Africa, as saying: “The family did not receive any proper notice from his teachers, school administrators, or athletic moderators that he was underperforming or had deficiencies in the (said) subject.”

But the school management stayed firm on its stand.

“NU-Nazareth School upholds its academic policies to the highest standard, which is applicable and fair to all students,” said the