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GOSSIP – When Hollywood s t a r s g o s s i p a b o u t other stars, expect catty, bitchy, and nas­ty words thrown around. Boze Hadleigh’s “Hol­lywood Babble On” proves this.

Joan Crawford, Bette Davis

Joan Crawford, Bette Davis

Let’s “eavesdrop”… starting with “catty” com­ments.

“Mae West – she’s a legend in her own mind.” – JAYNEMANSFIELD

“They arrested Helen Reddy for loitering in front of an or­chestra.” – BETTEMIDLER

“Diane Keaton is no relation to the other famous Keaton. Although they should have switched names. She acts like a Buster, and he was male but very graceful – always ‘Diane’ for a laugh. Get it? Bad pun. – JOAN HACKET

“When I worked with Katharine Hepburn, decades ago, I was terri­fied of her – that voice, her jaw, the whole package. I’m still scared of her!” – LUCILLEBALL

“Tallulah Bankhead is a mar­velous female impersonator.” – ANNEBAXTER

“Joan Crawford – Hollywood’s first case of syphilis. “ – BETTEDAVIS

“Working with Bette Davis was one of the greatest chal­lenges I’ve ever had. I meant that kindly. Bette is of a different temperament than I. She has to yell every morning. I just sat and knitted. I knitted a scarf from Hollywood to Malibu.” – JOAN CRAWFORD

“Brigitte Bardot was a sex symbol. Period. When she lost her looks, she lost her career, every­thing. Her mind went, too.” – SIMONESI­GNORET

“I did one film for Al­fred Hitchcock (‘Stage Fright’). Jane Wyman was in it. I heard she’d only wanted to do it if she was billed above me, and she got her wish. Hitch­cock didn’t think much of her. She looks too much like victim to play a woman of mystery – that was my part. Miss Wyman looks like a mystery nobody has bothered to solve.” – MARLENEDIETRICH


-Ronald Constantino