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SWS: 64% back Boracay closure

More than half of Filipinos sup­port the government’s decision to close and rehabilitate Boracay for one year, a special survey conduct­ed by the Social Weather Stations has found out.

The nationwide survey con­ducted from March 23 to March 27 among 1,200 respondents found out that 64 percent agreed (38 per­cent strongly agreed, 26 percent somewhat agreed) and 20 percent disagreed (10 percent strongly disagreed, 10 percent somewhat disagreed) with the government’s decision to close Boracay. On the other hand, 17 percent were un­decided about the matter.

This translates to a net agree­ment score (percent agree minus percent disagree) of +44, classi­fied by SWS as “very strong.”

The SWS terminology for net agreement are +50 and above, ex­tremely strong; +30 to +49, very strong; +10 to +29, moderately strong; +9 to -9, neutral; -10 to -29, moderately weak; -30 to -49, very weak; and -50 and below, ex­tremely weak.

There is stronger support for the closure of Boracay in Mindanao, urban areas, and among those with higher education, SWS said.

Net agreement with the closure of Boracay was highest in Mind­anao at +55 (68 percent agree, 13 percent disagree), followed by Metro Manila at +49 (69 per­cent agree, 20 percent disagree), rest of Luzon at +45 (64 percent agree, 20 percent disagree), and Visayas at +26 (53 percent agree, 27 percent disagree).

Net agreement was extremely strong at +50 (68 percent agree, 18 percent disagree) in overall ur­ban areas, compared to the very strong +38 (59 percent agree, 21 percent disagree) in overall rural areas.

Support for the closure of Bora­cay was stronger among those with higher educational attainment. Net agreement was highest among col­lege graduates at +54 (70 percent agree, 16 percent disagree), fol­lowed by high school graduates at +50 (69 percent agree, 18 percent disagree), non-elementary school graduates at +34 (55 percent agree, 20 percent disagree), and elementary school graduates at +33 (57 percent agree, 23 percent disagree). (Ellalyn V. Ruiz)