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What happens when people refuse to let go?

Marilyn C. Arayata

ONE of the hardest things for human beings is to let go, not just of people and situations that are no longer part of their lives, but everything that bogs them down – fear, anger, jealousy, guilt, rejection, and bitterness. Why do people carry these emotions when doing so only makes life harder? Have you seen anybody who became happy, healthy, wealthy, successful, and peaceful for hanging on to a past reality, for clinging to negative emotions and undesirable events like failure, separation, and an embarrassing moment, and for refusing to move forward? Many of them may look well and successful on the outside, but they feel miserable deep inside.

People who are now well-off but still live in “imagined poverty” cannot forget their destitution in the past. They not only hoard their money and material possessions. Many of them find it hard to become fair in their dealings. They always need to be the ones to get more. They feel triumphant momentarily… and then begin to feel that nothing they have is ever enough, and so the desire to get more, no matter what the cost.

People who are compelled to display their wealth all the time because they were insulted for being poor and small many years ago? People who need to hurt and dump individuals who are close to them because they were dumped by a loved one decades ago? How about people who no longer attempt to accomplish anything because they failed a few times in the past?

What painful emotion do you still carry in your heart? Was there a heartbreaking event that has kept you from showing genuine goodness, concern, and affection to others? What keeps you from setting new goals and living a happy life?

May the Lord help you deal positively and effectively with your emotions and with your past experiences. How many years do you still have? No one can tell, but you can make your remaining years happy and peaceful by letting go of painful events and emotions, letting go of people who are no longer a part of your present life, and letting go of things you can’t control. Letting go may be hard, but it is the best option.

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