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Male oral pill

By Rica Cruz

Hi Rica,

Me and my wife have been married for the past three years. And kahit na kasal na kami, wala pa sa plans namin ang magka baby. Maybe in another three years. We are still in our early twenties and gusto pa naming magtravel and kung anu-ano pa. Medyo hindi gusto ng wife ko ang pagte-take ng oral contraceptives. At hindi naman kami nageenjoy with other forms of contraceptives like condoms, etc. Meron po bang nage-exist na male oral pill? Thank you.


Hi to you too, Pill-antropo

Okay ang pagkakaroon ng plano at maganda din na alam ninyo to include your own happiness into your plans and of course your readiness to bring a new life into this world or not. The use of oral contraceptives are one way to go about it and it is a very interesting idea to consider birth control pills for males.

However, sorry to burst your bubble. While meron talagang demand for men pills at ng mga male-directed contraceptives na dinedevelop and are now in trials, wala pang pills for men na available in the market today. Kailangan nating maintindihan that the male reproductive system has unique challenges versus the female reproductive system. Nagproproduce kasi ang mga lalaki ng sperm 24/7 at may 1,000 sperm per heartbeat. Ang pagkakadevelop ng oral contraceptives for women ay based sa menstrual cycle at ang pagrerelease nila ng isang ovum lang per month at fertile ito sa loob lamang ng 48 hours. Meron ding challenges in making sure that future sperm production is not affected by the ones being tested now.

The easiest and most accessible contraceptive pa rin would be the condom. My suggestion will be to try out other variants and explore which retains the pleasure of your sexual relationship. Marami nang variations ng condoms that enhances pleasure, lubricates and are even flavored which may strike your fancy. You can also visit your health care provider for more options para makapagplano with pregnancy and birth control.

Sa future, we all pray na sana magkaroon nga ng birth control pill for males as additional option for contraception. But until then, I hope this does not prevent you from having sexual fun. Enjoy and be safe, in more ways than one!

With Love and Lust,

* * *

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(Biography: Rica Cruz is a Licensed Psychologist, Marriage Counselor, and, Sex and Relationships Therapist. She comes out as the Resident Psychologist on Boys’ Night Out every Thursday night on Magic 89.9.)