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1,828 cops dismissed

A total of 1,828 policemen have been dismissed from the service for various offenses that include involvement in illegal drugs, extortion and other illegal activities.

Senior Supt. Benigno Durana, Jr., spokesman of the Philippine National Police (PNP), said the number of the dismissed cops were from January 2016 to June this year.

“This is part of our continuing internal cleansing program that is relentless, resolute and chilling,” said Durana.

“Relentless in the sense that we will look into the policies and procedures that would provide opportunities for our personnel to commit illegal and irregular activities. Resolute, to create a culture that value professionalism and integrity pervade and endures in all circumstances and chilling to those who still insist in their crooked ways and pursuing their crooked ways,” he added.

Aside from those dismissed, Durana said also penalized were 3,589 personnel slapped with suspension terms, 362 demoted in rank, 403 reprimanded, 147 penalized with salary forfeiture, 43 withheld privileges, and 29 restricted to quarters.

A total of 498 more personnel were investigated for drug-related cases, including 266 who tested positive for drug use and 232 for involvement in drug activity.

Despite the PNP leadership’s repeated vow to run after erring cops, a number of policemen were still arrested for various illegal activities, particularly those relating to drug protection racket. (Aaron Recuenco)