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Tennis star seeks unity among leaders

It’s too early to make a Christmas wish but rising tennis star AJ Lim is hoping that all stakeholders will finally smoke the peace pipe so that the sport that once enjoyed tremendous popularity can bounce back.

Lim, who is training intensively in the United States in preparation for the coming Asian Games in Indonesia, said tennis is fast losing its popularity due to infighting among the so-called leaders.

“Tennis will continue to sink deeper if they continue their ‘intramurals’. How can we revive the popularity of the sport if there are a lot of innuendos,” said Lim, one of the five members of the PH team to the Asian Games which will be held in Jakarta and Palembang. “Which direction are we going to follow? I’m really confused.”

Also in the PH team are Jeson Patrombon Francis Casey Alcantara, and Jeson Patrombon for them men’s side while Marian Capadocia and Katharina Melissa Lehnert for the women’s side.

Instead of helping Philippine Tennis Association President Antonio Cablitas, Lim noted there are people trying to undermine whatever good Cablitas has been doing to the association and to the players who have been trying to bring honors to the country.

“Atty. Cablitas is one patron we respect so much. He’s spending his own money for our foreign exposures,” said Lim. “He has been trying very hard to help the association.”

A noted lawyer, Cablitas was elected to lead the association last year.

His election, however, was not recognized by then Philippine Olympic Committee President Jose “Peping” Cojuangco, Jr.

The President Adviser on Foreign Investments is hoping new POC president Rickie Vargas will finally recognize him as Philta president.

“Unity is very essential to the success of an organization so I hope our leaders will finally put their act together,” said Lim.