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Inday Sara Duterte for Senator Movement

By Erik Espina

LAST Aug. 2, saw the launching of the Inday Sara Duterte for Senator Movement. As Cebu City Councilor, I spearheaded convening what will graduate into a national movement. This crusade was prompted when President Rodrigo Duterte, in proper decorum, quashed the rising country-wide crescendo for Inday Sara to be a senator of the realm. In respectful intervention, many Cebuano’s however clamor for her to reconsider such inhibition for the coming 2019 elections. During a press conference covered by local media, supporters were excitedly in attendance to rally the voice of the sovereign people in such a matter of national import. We want to be heard all the way to Malacañang. Common folk like Ian Hassamal, Joey Beniga, Danny Lim, groups of Alter Aricayos – Isang Bansa, Isang Diwa, Isang Gawa, Jeffrey Ocampo – Senior Citizens Open Organization Towards Effective Reform, Adam Hechanova Sangguniang Kabataan Barkadas, FAMAS head Eloy Padua, showbiz mother Cristy Fermin, Jovy Toring – Mactan’s Indiana University, Phil. Barangay Councilor’s League Pres. Litoy Ceniza, Bgy. bosses Philip Zafra, Harry Eran, to Tuburan Mayor Aljun Diamante, the League of Municipal Mayors…etc. on board.

Said action is committed to gather at least 1 million signatures nationwide, to convince Davao City’s chief executive to be the new voice in the Upper House. Cebuanos and the Cebuano speaking are solid in the effort to elect Inday Sara. We are fully cognizant in next year’s election, Cebu province with over 2 million plus voters has no native senatorial candidate. We count as our fortune Senate President Tito Sotto who traces his roots to the historic island. In adopting Inday Sara, with her origins from Danao City Cebu, all Cebuanos are better represented the next six years, despite President Duterte’s term ending 2022. The movement is aware of her successes in Davao City, being a lawyer, and as the calming, if not moderating voice of the president in matters of great importance e.g. regionalized peace talks with the communist. You may write to my 2nd floor office, Cebu City Hall for signature documents or register at indaysaradutertesm@gmail.com