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New scoring system favors Pinoy bowlers

By Brian Yalung

Bowling is regarded as one of the sports that could be a great source for medals in the coming 2018 Asian Games in Palembang, Indonesia.

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And the implementation of a new scoring system could help their cause.

In bowling, a player can amass a larger score once he or she is able to hit consecutive strikes. To get 30 points, three consecutive strikes will be needed.

The new scoring system set to be enforced takes the pressure off in all participants. All they have to do is hit a strike and they will be rewarded with a max score of 30 per frame – regard­less of what the player scores in the next attempts.

The change in scoring should benefit countries with bowlers who struggle to string up consecutive strikes. The sce­nario is different however for teams like Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Aside from that, this year’s Asian Games will only have trio and six-person team formats. There will be no singles, doubles or team events ac­cording to a report by the South China Morning Post.

The changes have become a cause for concern for Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling chief Vivian Lau Chiang-Chu.

“The chances are not as good as in previous games because three events have been taken away,” said Lau. “There is no singles, doubles or team event and we are only left with the trios and six-person team.

The Philippines, home to plenty of tal­ented bowlers, is aware of the different scoring scheme and ready.