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DoJ assures nat’l ID system info is secure

Department of Justice Secre­tary Menardo Guevarra yester­day said the information on a person in the national ID system can be accessed by third parties only with the consent of the reg­istered person or on order of a court.

Underscoring the importance and confidentiality in the Philip­pine Identification System Act under Republic Act No. 11055 that was signed by President Du­terte last week, Guevarra said: “Under this new law, registered information can only be accessed by third parties if the registered person gives his/her consent, or if there is a court order.”

“Identity theft will be prevent­ed, making it harder to commit crimes and acts of terrorism. Law offenders can be identified and located more easily,” he added.

A large database for all Filipi­nos and even for resident aliens would be created under the na­tional ID system.

Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Mar­tin Andanar had enumerated the various benefits of the national ID system aside from its main objective of facilitating and expe­diting government transactions.

Andanar ahad lso said the na­tional ID would help curb corrup­tion and red tape, particularly for overseas Filipino workers who need to return to the Philippines just to renew their IDs.

A Philippine News Agency re­port stated that under RA 11055, a foundational ID system called PhilSys will be in place and will have three components – Phil­Sys Number, PhilID, and PhilSys Registry.

It said PSN is a randomly gen­erated, unique and permanent identification number for each in­dividual, to be incorporated in all identification systems of govern­ment agencies. PhilID is a non-transferable card with the PSN and basic information, it said.

It also said the Philippine Sta­tistics Authority is mandated to act as the PhilSys Registry. (Rey G. Panaligan)