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Clarkson’s dad excited


By Ernest Hernandez


Amidst the seeming media circus, Mike Clarkson is finally relieved that his son – Jordan – can finally play for the Philippine.

He’s not only relieved but is also mightily proud that his son can finally play for the Philippines in a tournament as important as the Asian Games.
“I’m extremely proud Jordan remained persistent and determined in his goal of representing his Filipino heritage,” said Clarkson.
The plan to have Jordan Clarkson play for the Philippines dates back to the last Asian Games.
However, attempts to do so failed due to several circumstances.
The older Clarkson will accompany the celebrated Fil-Am player to the Indonesian capital. They will be joined by Jordan’s agent, Jeff Austin.
He said Jordan is also looking forward for the opportunity to be the country’s flag bearer in what is expected to be a glitzy affair.
“The distinguished honor of being the flag bearer for the Philippines contingent is truly a blessing and something our family will always remember,” said the proud father.