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In defense of the avocado



AUGUST continues to be a month of harvest for avocado, an often misunderstood fruit.

For years, people feared eating avocado, believing that it contained too much fat. People thought consuming fat would make us fat and eating food with high-cholesterol will cause us heart diseases. We are wrong all along.


These are completely false dietary myths, which means we are avoiding avocados for absolutely no reason.

According to recent scientific studies, avocados can actually help get rid of abdominal fat.

An article by healthfame.com said, avocados contain phytonutrients compounds capable of fighting abdominal fats.

The article also confirmed that avocado supplies fat-burning hormones that help lose belly fat. Its fiber content also aids in controlling appetite.

Scientists and researchers also suspect that the unsaturated fat in it increases “delay hunger hormone” called leptin.

However, avocados still contain calories – 100 grams of avocado oils contain 884 calories. It is important to place limits in our food consumption.

Meanwhile, a study conducted by cardiologists in Queensland, Australia, revealed that 1-piece avocado consumption can substitute low-fat diet to lower cholesterol. The study was done by comparing two groups of women with different diets – one with high carbohydrates diet, other with high avocado diet.

The besthealthmag.ca also stated several reasons why avocados are super fruit.

It is packed with carotenoids that prevent eye diseases.

It reverses insulin resistance, resulting in steadier blood sugar.

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