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6 die daily in war vs drugs




AN average of six persons died daily in the last two years since President Duterte launched an intense campaign against illegal drugs, the Philippine National Police said yesterday.

Senior Supt. Benigno Durana Jr., PNP spokesperson, said in a #RealNumbersPH forum that 4,410 persons died in 105,658 anti-illegal drug operations from July 2016 to July 31, 2018 for an average of six deaths per day.

Durana said this is the situation in the “real world” where law enforcers have to deal with “drug-crazed and heavily armed” suspects almost, if not, every day.

“As much as possible, we want it not to be bloody but you are dealing with drug-crazed, highly armed criminals. Law enforcers cannot lay down their lives for these criminals who have been denying the Filipino people of their human rights to live in a society free from the scourge of illegal drugs,” he said.

The PNP spokesperson said at least 87 anti-narcotics enforcers have been killed and more than 200 others were injured in anti-drug operations.

“Just like in internal security operations, we lay down our lives. The enemies of the state were killed in the process as well so this is not heaven. This is the real world that people will die in the process,” he emphasized.

Durana said 152,123 drug suspects were arrested – 569 of them government workers – and R21.48 billion worth of illegal drugs and laboratory equipment were seized by authorities.

Shabu topped the list of illegal drugs seized at R14.79 billion (2,757.77 kilos) and 221 drug dens and clandestine laboratories were destroyed.

Durana also said they have implemented measures to address concerns on human rights violations by some groups.