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NBI vows thorough probe on magnetic lifters


THE National Bureau of Investiga­tion has vowed to conduct a thor­ough investigation on the magnetic lifters said to have contained P6.8-billion worth of shabu.

NBI spokesperson Ferdinand Lavina in a press briefing in Mala­cañang refused to comment on the investigation being conducted by the NBI Anti-Illegal Drugs Task Force but assured that the bureau will dispatch the full task force, in­cluding forensics, in pursuit of the investigation.

When asked if Duterte’s pro­nouncements would affect the in­vestigation of the NBI, Lavin assured that the bureau will conduct an in­vestigation based on evidence.

“We will conduct our investiga­tion independent of the comment of government officials. Rest as­sured this is going to be a thorough investigation based on evidence,” he said.

Lavin also said that while the NBI has no set deadline for the investi­gation, they would try to resolve it as soon as possible. “Honestly, we do not have a timeline on this, but they are acting fast as we have to resolve this at the soonest possible time,” he said.

“We however assure that it’s go­ing to be a thorough investigation by the NBI and that is why we can­not sacrifice the quality of investi­gation in the interest of time,” he added.

Lavin explained that the NBI will properly look into everything relat­ed to the shipment, from its arrival, including other external factors.

“Where did the shipment come from, how was it shipped from ori­gin to destination, up to the point of the delivery or where the lifters are presently located,” he said.

Lavin made the statement after President Duterte said he believes there were no illegal drugs in the shipment found in Cavite last week. Duterte had said that reports were purely speculative.

Prior to Duterte’s statement, the Department of Justice had ordered the bureau to investigate how the shipment may have slipped past the Bureau of Customs.

Malacañang had said that the entry of the shipment means that international drug smugglers and drug manufacturers have become bolder as they are pressured by Du­terte’s war on drugs. (Argyll Ge­ducos)