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Hostage taker killed; man, maid rescued




DAVAO CITY – An intruder held a homeowner and his house help hostage before getting killed by responding special weapons and tactics (SWAT) personnel at Acacia Lane Woodridge Park Subdivision, Wednesday morning.

Police identified the suspect, who was declared dead on arrival at the Southern Philippines Medical Hospi­tal (SPMC), as Harland Garvida, 40, a single parent and resident of Sap­phire Street, Block 4, Lot 30, Phase 3, NHA Bangkal, Davao City.

Garvida reportedly entered the home of 47-year-old Allen de Vera and attacked the owner of the house with a butcher knife.

De Vera tried to shoot the sus­pect with his Glock 9mm, which Garvida tried to wrestle from the homeowner.

In the scuffle, the gun went off, hitting the maid Anna Cecilia Flores, female, 46, married, and a resident of Times Beach.

The suspect reportedly held the family hostage.

Meanwhile, De Vera managed to dial 911, with a SWAT team arriving in the area shortly.

Police said Station Commander PCI Ronald Lao tried to negotiate with the suspect.

But the SWAT team decided to deploy when the suspect could not be negotiated with, police said.

During the rescue attempt, SWAT member PO3 Junrell Tan was wounded by knife wounds on his left arm.

The suspect was shot, the team deciding to neutralize the suspect during the rescue operation.

De Vera suffered a fracture on his shoulder aside from other injuries to different parts of his body during the scuffle for the firearm.

Flores was likewise declared stable at the SPMC.