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Duterte sets limit on rebel surrenderees




President Duterte is poised to raise the bar higher when it comes to accepting rebel surrenderees back into the fold of the government.

In a speech in at Camp Teodulfo Bautista Headquarters, Brgy. Bus-bus, Jolo, Sulu Saturday night, Duterte said that apart from giving his full support to the soldiers in their fight against terrorists, the chief executive revealed his plans for future surrenderees.

“But next time around, we will raise the bar higher. Sabi ko ‘pag magdating ang – wala ng surrender-surrender,” said Duterte.
Recently in Davao City, Duterte stated he is not giving up on peace as he renewed his call to end the dispute between the government and the New People’s Army (NPA).

Duterte reiterated his belief that a revolution will not expedite the progress and development of a country.

“Life isn’t that easy. Life has to evolve, and progress and development can’t be rushed through a revolution. If you’re always calling for a revolution and killing people, nothing good will happen to our nation,” Duterte said.

“So kung maaari lang sana ayaw ko talaga. That’s my mission. I want peace for my land,” he added.

But Saturday night in Sulu, Duterte urged his soldiers to fight till the end and vowed to be harsher when it comes to future surrenderees.
“Fight ka diyan hanggang mamatay ka. Hindi na mag-accept ng surrender. Pabalik-balik kayo,” he added.

Duterte also reminded soldiers to not allow themselves to fall victims or hostages of terrorists groups and urged them to destroy and kill them.

“I assure you that you have my full support as you conduct intensive military operations against these terrorist groups, particularly those who subscribe to the extremist ideologies of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda,” he said during the close-in event.

“That’s just a bankrupt ideology. Ang alam lang nito magpatay pati magsira. Destroy and kill. So my order to you: Destroy and kill also. Bakit ka magpalugi?” he added.

Duterte then said that he’s the only Philippine president who gives out sidearms to soldiers, noting how the fight against terrorists goes.

“Ako lang ‘yung Presidente na nagbibigay ng sidearm kasi lalo na dito, giyera dito babuyan eh,” he said.

“Do not surrender. Kaya ako, binigyan ko kayo ng – that’s one magazine deployed, another two. Pag naubos ‘yung dalawa, ‘yang last magazine, iyo ‘yan,” he added.

The President reiterated his advice to soldiers to not allow themselves to be caught by terrorists or they will face the worst kind of torture.

‘Dadalhin ka ng kampo, gawain kang aso doon at pagkatapos, iharap ka sa camera, luglugin ka,” he added.

Duterte then said that he knows that Filipino soldiers are brave and are ready to die for the country.

“Pero ‘yang sabi ko, huwag kayo magpababoy. Ang sundalo ko, matapang at handang mamatay. Kaya ‘pag wala ka ng bala, ‘yung last magazine, kainin mo na lang,” he said.