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Mature, not sexy

By Ronald Constantino

YES AND NO – Daniel Padilla says “Yes” his current starrer “The Hows of Us,” with Kath­ryn Bernardo, is ma­ture. But he hastens to add “No” it’s not sexy.

Daniel makes the distinction, saying doing mature roles does not mean going sexy… like dis­robing or engaging in erotic love scenes.

Directed by Cathy Garcia-Moli­na and produced by Star Cinema, “The Hows of Us” is a combination of romcom and drama. Box-office director Cathy GM notes Daniel and Kathryn have “leveled up” since he megged them in 2014 in “She’s Dating a Gangters,” which was pure romcom. But then they where teeners and now they’re in their 20’s, real – life sweethearts.

IN BRIEF – The plot in brief focuses on ex-couple who had a bad breakup. They meet again at the house they both invested in during their past. She stays in the house, while he wants to move in. The result? The two fight for their rights to the house.

It’s a love-hate relationship, testing the romantic, comic, and dramatic gifts of Daniel and Kath­ryn.

It’ll be recalled that in Olive Lamasan’s “Barcelona: A Love Untold,” KathNiel merited rave re­views. Daniel even won a FAMAS best actor award.

CO-STARS – Introduced in “The Hows of Us” is Darren Es­panto, award – winning recording artist and 1st runner-up in “The Voice Kids Philippines Season 1.”

Completing the cast are Juan Miguel Severo, Alwyn Uytingco, Kit Thomp­son, Ria Atayde, Susan Africa, and Jean Garcia.

The film opens in theaters na­tionwide on Aug. 29.