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LJ Reyes pregnant with second child



LJ Reyes (Photo taken from fhm.com.ph)

LJ Reyes (Photo taken from FHM website)


LJ REYES is expecting her second child, this time with boyfriend of three years, Paolo Contis.

The 30-year-old made public the news through a YouTube video titled “A Pleasant Suprise” on Monday.

In the video, LJ is seen asking Aki, her eight-year-old son with former flame Paulo Avelino, “Are You ready to be responsible?”

She also asked the kid if he wants “a playmate.”

The child answered “Yes” to both questions.

After a while, LJ told her son he is pregnant.

Paolo could be heard in the background saying, “She’s not (joking), she’s pregnant.”

When asked if he wants a boy or a girl, Aki said he wants a baby brother.

LJ told Aki that she’s hoping for a daughter.

Aki replied, “Why a girl? That’s arte.”

LJ is set to give birth this January.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Paolo expressed his excitement.

He wrote, “God has blessed us with the perfect gift and we couldn’t be happier!

“We want to thank our families and friends who are as excited as we are.”

To LJ, he said, “When we became a couple 3 years ago, I felt so lucky!

“With all the problems I had, all the baggage I carry, you still accepted me and became my partner and strength.

“Yes, we do have our bad days (dahil matigas ang ulo ko) but we always manage to be okay and happy…

“And now that we are expecting… I promise to be beside you all the way. You will never ever be alone.

“Thank you for everything my love! Mahal na mahal kita!”

Note, Paolo has fathered two children with former wife Lian Paz.