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The measure of success






SHARING – By chance, I watched on Net25 “RYTS” (Rule Yourself To Success), hosted by Kuya E (Neo de Pad­ua). He asked each guest ( Dina Bonnevie, Lani Misalucha, Gladys Reyes) what was the measure of success. All three replied “Happy family life with accomplished chil­dren.”

Asked the same question to Kuya E at, by happenstance, an intimate “chikahan” called by col­league Rodel Fernando. He had a ready answer: Sharing his abun­dant blessings with loved ones and the needy.

Kuya E, 48, is especially con­cerned with helping cancer vic­tims as he is a cancer survivor. He was afflicted with colon cancer when he was 36. He resorted to herbal medicine, which proved ef­fective.


RAGS-TO-RICHES – A tough childhood — ostracized illegitimate, dirt poor — didn’t embitter Kuya E. On the contrary, it spurred him to work hard, to reach for the stars. He faced all odds and won.

It’s a rags-to-riches life worthy of an inspiring movie, which Kuya E in­tends to produce in the near future. To play himself, Kuya E’s choice is Jhong Hilario. “Hindi guapo, pero hindi naman pangit.”

Kuya E is into various business­es including farming, restaurant, herbal medicine, wellness re­sort.


ARTISTIC SIDE – To give vent to his artistic side, Kuya E has recording and production companies. He earned two nomi­nations from the Star Awards for Music: New Male Recording Artist for “Ako’y Nangarap” and Novelty Artist for “Tinapay.”

The inspirational talk show “RYTS” is now on its second season, airing every Saturday at 4 p.m. on Net25.

He’s mounting a show billed “RYTS in Concert” on Sept. 18 at the Music Museum. Beneficia­ries are the cancer patients of his Big Eyes Foundation. It’s Kuya E’s second concert, after last year’s “Miracle, Music, and Love.”