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Inday Sara strongest Senate candidate




IN a local TV program here in Cebu under the Cebu Catholic Television Channel (CCTN), I had as guest Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Mar­cos. Discussion centered on sev­eral issues, e.g., rice shortage, etc. with the focus shifting to regional alliances of political parties. The Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP), a party headed by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, is now the gravitas of national and localized parties seek­ing some form of coalition with the Mindanao based group. This trend is a practical recognition of politi­cal winds blowing warmest further South than the initial spurt of the PDP-Laban founded in Cagayan de Oro City. Pilgrimage to Davao and HNP is part of the evolving political landscape.

The new formulation allows for the widest accommodation of local leaders and “senatoriables” from different affiliations to be noted by Malacanang, sans joining PDP, an “ideology” with strict rules undergoing a “basic members course.” Mass oath taking sans the course will not qualify. An “orientation” will not validate the oath taken. Gov. Imee, herself a good material for the Senate, was most emphatic expressing her views that Sara Duterte would be the strongest senatorial candidate. And that she should lead the very group she endorsed for the Upper House. My own take in convincing the Davao chief executive would be vested in Cebu with 2.7 million voters not having a candidate for the Senate this 2019. Cebuanos are adopting her, given her roots is from Lapu-Lapu’s stock. When elected to a six-year term, she could pursue her father’s legislative agenda, despite President Duterte’s office ending in 2022. My modest advice to her advisers is, our President is a unique individual showered in the right circumstances. His political success and story cannot be replicated in the near future – Mayor to President. Seizing the moment, is Politics 101. Running for the Senate mid-term is the right option. It will open new and better possibilities by 2022, on the national stage. Speaker GMA was correct, noting the rising and important role “Inday Sara” will have to realize.