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It’s payback time




AFTER his dethronement, things are getting any better for former House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. Not only is he becoming a political pariah in Davao del Norte, his turf, he is also finding himself facing more legal suits, courtesy of the arrogance many perceived him to be.

Just recently, Rep. Antonio R. Floirendo, Jr., his former bosom friend and political funder, has filed seven libel cases. The suits should have been filed earlier during his hold as House leader, but the political atmosphere then carried ramifications unfavorable to his enemies. But the filing of cases is only the beginning. With the so many questionable speeches of Alvarez being transcribed, things are not looking bright for the legislator who claims Manobo blood.

In truth, things have changed since fast. After presidential daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio called him an assholed and divulged her plan to field a complete slate under Hugpong sa Pagbabago against Alvarez in his turf, the recent bad news is that former Davao del Norte governor and assemblyman Rodolfo del Rosario, uncle of Floirendo, is facing Alvarez in 2019.

The return of Del Rosario, father of the incumbent Davao del Norte governor, does not augur well also for his minions. Alvarez’s bet for provincial governor, chief of staff Edwin Jubahib, a virtual unknown, has suddenly become inaccessible. Pundits point this to a likeable plan of withdrawing from his poliical ambition.

On the other hand, provincial vice-governor Allan Dujali, also a protegee of Alvarez, is said to be contesting in the next political exercise. But the results of various polls show he is not even close to getting a third of the support of the people in the district.

Alvarez’s problems, though, do not stop there. A House insider said that the Commission on Audit may be asking him soon to liquidate the billions in legislative funds he had disbursed.

Moreover, a probe may soon be undertaken by an agency to determine where he got he funds he used in buying lands in Siargao and other regions. He was even reported by sources to have been planning to buy a high-end helicopter before he was toppled from power.

On the road, Alvarez will be always haunted by former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, his new legislative boss and the person who appointed him as transport and communications secretary in 2002. She is the same lady Alvarez humiliated by removing her as deputy House speaker and chair of various committee. To sum it all, it’s payback time.

PDP – Laban should not retain him party secretary – general.