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Marian confirms: Dingdong to run for public office




MARIA Rivera (IG)

MARIA Rivera (IG)

DINGDONG Dantes will seek a government position this coming elections.

Well, that is, if wife Marian Rivera is to be believed.

During a recent to-do, Marian said: “Yes, definitely. As far as I know, he will run (for a government position).”

She is mum however, as to the actual position his husband is gunning for.

“I think it would be disrespectful if I talk about it further without his consent,” she explained. “Let’s just give it to him. I’m sure, he will let his fans, his supporters, know his decision when the right time comes.”

In any case, Marian made clear she will support her husband all the way, if ever.

“Of course. I mean, whatever he wants to do in his life, I will support it 100 percent. We all know how kind-hearted my husband is and he really loves our country. I believe in his abilities. I don’t see anything wrong if he chooses to run,” she said smiling.

Ever since Dingdong was appointed by former president Benigno Aquino as commissioner-at-large for the National Youth Commission, there have been persistent speculations about his possible foray into politics.

The actor has earned admiration for efforts he personally initiated through the YesPinoy Foundation.