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Trillanes prepared for his arrest


SENATOR Antonio F. Trillanes IV said he has prepared for his pos­sible arrest since the voiding of his amnesty.

Amid rumors that he would be taken into custody while the Senate is not in session, Tril­lanes, in a press briefing yester­day, admitted that he has packed his things should he be ordered arrested by the court. “Meron nang ganoon, kailangan ‘yon,” Trillanes said.

Trillanes added “protocols” are already in place in the event that arresting officers go into the Senate to fetch him. Accord­ing to him, his lawyers should be present, and that the Senate leadership should be consulted first on how to go about his im­pending arrest.

Trillanes said his family has likewise prepared for his pos­sible arrest. “Fortunately or un­fortunately, we’ve had worse ex­periences before that, in a way, prepared them for these things. Ayaw naman nating ma-expose o madamay pero talagang doon dinadala so kailangan malakas sila. So that’s what they’re do­ing,” he said.

The embattled senator said that such “level of prepared­ness” has been consistent since the issuance of Presidential Proclamation No. 572 by Presi­dent Duterte which nullified his amnesty.

He said he has been hearing reports since Tuesday that he will be jailed despite the ab­sence of an arrest warrant.

Trillanes has repeatedly said he is not afraid to be sent to jail again, having served seven years for leading the 2003 Oak­wood munity and the 2007 Ma­nila Peninsula siege. (Hannah L. Torregoza)