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From hog to dog

Former Razorback guitarist David Aguirre continues musical journey with 3 Headed Dog


He may not be as visible around these parts unlike during his hey­days with Razorback but David Aguirre’s rock and roll journey is far from over.

DAVID Aguirre with Wolf Gemora

DAVID Aguirre with Wolf Gemora

According to the guitarist, he has been in and out of bands since he left Razorback including A.D.D., Spectrum, Lokomotiv, and most recently, 3 Headed Dog.

As to the exact reason why he left Razorback, Aguirre says, “I was exhausted, burnt out, physi­cally, mentally, spiritually, emo­tionally fatigued, anxious, agitat­ed, and flat out unwell.”

“There’s nothing else to blame but myself as I had not been leading the healthiest of lifestyles for years, and at the time, it was all starting to catch up with me,” reveals Aguirre. “All this started to manifest on poor behavior, less than ideal work eth­ic, mood swings, and what-have-you.”

It took some time but eventually he decided to migrate to the US.

“The guys in Razorback were aware of this, and though there was no of­ficial date, the wheels were set in motion,” says Aguirre.

It was during this time that Aguirre got in touch with former Wolfgang drummer Wolf Gemora. The two would get together for A.D.D.

“We actually recorded a collection of hard rock/punkish tunes that was never officially released,” Aguirre says.

Several years into his US sabbatical, Agu­irre bumped into another Wolfgang – Basti Artadi, giving birth to Spectrum.

“Being in a band with my friend Basti in America had always been a dream for me. He and I imagined what that would be like in many-a-drinking session,” he says.

When Wolf Gemora made his own move to California not long after, the three, together with Danny Gonzalez (bass) and James McDonald (vocals/gui­tar), formed Lokomotiv.

They would go on to release the “Rock N Roll Death Toll” album before calling it quits.

“We actually had the next Lokomotiv album written and recorded, but spirits were riding low and it was Wolf’s turn to throw in the towel,” says Aguirre.

“I don’t even know who has, if anyone at all, a copy of Lokomotiv’s sophomore effort. There were some gems in there,” he adds.

But that was not the end.

Aguirre, Gemora and Gonzales now plays as 3 Headed Dog releasing the “Maynilad” EP in 2014.

A bit of good news: The band is soon to hit local shores for a round of gigs.