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From infidelity to deadly love

By Ronald Constantino

GMA RULES – Yes, GMA rules the so-called afternoon primetime with its realistic and timely line-up of soaps. After the high-rating “ Ika-6 na Utos,” which tackled infidelity, comes “Ika-5 Utos,” which focuses on deadly love.

Jake at Inah

“Ika-5 Utos” shows a harrowing hazing incident which leads to the death of treasured son. It uncovers old wounds among three mothers and their respective families. It’s the story of heartbreaks and passion, love and lust. All of which poison the soul that leads to killing, breaking the fifth commandment.

Like “Ika-6 Na Utos,” the great Laurice Guillen directs “Ika-5 Utos,” which airs starting this afternoon, right after “Eat Bulaga.”

It’ll be recalled the feedback of ‘Ika-6 na Utos” was such that its airing was extended to Saturday, bowing out with high ratings.

STAR STUDDED – The star-studded cast of “Ika-5 Utos” is divided among three warring families.

The Lorenzo family is led by Jean Garcia, Jeric Gonzales, and Neil Ryan Sese.

The Buenaventura family is composed of Tonton Gutierrez, Migo Adecer, Klea Pineda, and Valerie Concepcion.

The Manupil family includes Gelli de Belen, Antonio Aquitania, Inah de Belen, and Jake Vargas.

(Inah and Jake play sweethearts in “Ika-5 Utos.” Offcam they are real lovebirds. Inah’s the niece of Gelli. Her parents are John Estrada and Janice de Belen.)